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Shoreshim Ministries with Bill Cloud

Torah Tidbit Shalom everyone! Here is the Torah Tidbit taken from the portion Tazria or “Conceive.” The focus of this Tidbit is “White-washed sepulchers.” I hope you will enjoy. Shoreshim Ministries with Bill Cloud -The Tabernacle of David team, via our Facebook fan page

Upcoming events with Tabernacle of David – Tabernacle of David

Shalom friends, here are a few events coming up with Tabernacle of David: – Friday: Israeli Messianic music group Miqedem: – Saturday: After-service meal and fellowship: – April 29th: A Night to Honor Israel with IDF Chief Cantor Shai Abramson – May 4th: A Night to Bless Israel with Messianic musician Jimmie… Read more

Jimmie Black at Tabernacle of David

We’re honored to be hosting Messianic musician Jimmie Black for two special events: Friday, May 4th: A Night to Bless Israel with Jimmie Black Messianic musician Jimmie Black will be coming to Minnesota, thanks to Bless Israel, the charity organization created by Tabernacle’s own Jerry & Gloria Whittlef. When: Friday, May 4th, 6pmWhere: Savage Community… Read more